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A Love Letter History.

But there is something that I must confess...

Dear 27,
There's been a whole bunch happening and, as you, my most loyal readers, have reminded me, (and as the title suggests, I'm willing to confess that it is in fact true) I'm not capturing a lot of the fun. A list always helps. So here's an update.

1. Jimmy Witherspoon.
My parents got me a record player for Christmas (a most-awesome gift) and on my day off a couple weeks ago I stopped by ZZZ Records to pick up a few pieces of vinyl to add to my now-growing collection. I browsed the "8 for $8" section (while the shop-owner's sweet little daughter commented on my boots, then proceeded to "nuzzle them" and said the word "hypothesis") and got some great stuff (Tapestry, Talking Book, Picture This, etc). I bought "Stormy Monday & Other Blues" without knowing anything about it and it's been in heavy rotation ever since.

2. Typeface, the movie. The Des Moines Art Center did a free design-double-feature this weekend and my friend Emily and I caught Typeface, a movie about the Hamilton Wood Type Museum and the art of letterpress. By the end of it my desire to letterpress increased by about 350%, I was ready to drive to Two Rivers, WI tomorrow and really wanted an ice cream sundae.

3. The Des Moines Public Library.
So I need to write a paper about Sol LeWitt (arguing that there have been/are primarily left-brained artists-- exciting stuff I know), figure out who scotch club is now named after, why he is important and probably quote some of his poetry in my next email, and present in a couple weeks at Pecha Kucha Night in Des Moines-- obviously I go to the Library. (Milestone for the list-- I've finally hit double-digits in books read.)

4. Best of 2010. I'm still getting emails and playlists and updates from mixtape participants. Check out Greg's mix that he's shared! (If you haven't received your mix yet-- email me.)

Got an awesomely-nice email from Nick at the Atlas in Iowa City saying that I'm now a member of the birthday club (You should too. Click here. Free buffalo burrito on your birthday? I'm in!)

R.Kelly quoted in a blog title, again. This is a problem.