XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.


Dear 27,
Palm Springs to Temecula to Palm Springs to Irvine. And that's just in two days. And I'm driving this. (How very California of me.)
Finally stayed at the hip Ace Hotel in Palm Springs where they serve blackberry infused Maker's Mark, there's photo booth in the lobby (which I was delighted to see but sadly was out of order) and the rooms are each equip with a record player. The crowd was a mix of overseas travelers and chic LA weekenders, and the Sunday night DJ was the best I'd ever heard.On the Ace site you can see 360 degree tours of the place.
The snow on the mountains with the palm trees. Weird.

A trip to Briar Rose Winery for a tasting event. A beautiful setting in Temecula wine country where the wines are revered (and delicious) and are even served at White House events.
(It was about 35 shivering degrees when the tasting ended...yes 35 degrees in CA. Don't be jealous of the weather.)