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A Love Letter History.

Mock me if you wish. But it's true.

Dear 27,
A list of things that should embarrass me, but really don't. Although they do make me laugh. 
(Perhaps publishing this list will be something that actually does embarrass me.)

1. I once owned and wore proudly a Grant Hill Pistons jersey (I wonder where it is now...), a gift given to me by my AAU basketball teammates. We were a ragtag group of girls who didn't make the "good-enough" cut to play on "Swoosh" or "Force." We wore jerseys that looked like practice pennys and called ourselves the PeaceFrogs.
  1a. I did in fact play basketball in high school. 
  1b. And I did keep all the clippings from the Muscatine Journal.
2. I have never seen Caddyshack.
3. I have been to four American Idols
LIVE concerts.
4. I dressed like this on my way to school once. (probably more than once.) And had that haircut. And those glasses. And damn I loved that messenger bag.

5. I "went out" with my first boyfriend because Becca said Rene Martinez liked me and that he was cool. I promptly broke up with him the following day, despite the fact that it was Valentine's Day. 
6. I don't really know my left from right.

You know you have some too. Share. It'll feel good to put it out there.
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