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A Love Letter History.

Glitter+Grease= One helluva Night

Dear 27,
I must admit that April was a month I'd like to do-over. It felt like one long, sad week after another. Then Lidgett Liz came to the rescue and the Big Hair Ball served as one of the best nights I've ever had in my six years in Des Moines. With a pre-party in the tiny apartment (yes. that many people in the little living room), we kicked off the night with tons of glitter and sequins and pizza rolls.
The event, held at my favorite place in all of the city, showcased a bigtime hair runway show, costumes, pole dancers (seriously), the Snacks and a gathering of the coolest people in Des Moines.
Ending with a dance party at the Kirkwood and a home full of glitter, this weekend couldn't have been any better. (Thanks for being there everyone!)