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A Love Letter History.

I just can't get enough.

Dear 28,
I just can't get enough makes its triumphant return. (and covers some topics you're all dying to know about).

1- The Meaning of Flowers.
I'm serious. I spent nearly 1.5 hours looking at this. After lots of research (and realizing this is why some people may think I'm weird) I had two (other) thoughts.
A) Who determined all of this? Was there a flower panel? Maybe a florist who wanted to peddle more Red Tulips (those mean "declaration of love" and a symbol of a perfect lover. sending tulips make a bold statement)? Maybe it's just a bunch of whooie? and B) Why don't florists tell me these things before I send Gardenias to my boss. There's lots of sites that say many different things, but my favorites included:
Yellow Carnations = Rejection 
(Who sends rejection flowers? Maybe the Bachelor should start handing yellow carnations out to the chicks he doesn't like. That'd shake up a rose ceremony.)
Purple Hyacinth = I'm sorry
Begonias = "Beware I am fanciful"
(Who says that? I think I will start.)

2- Recipes, Reading Cookbooks KarenBrady-Style, and all things Martha Stewart.
The new digs have turned me into a kitchen dweller, again. Maybe its the early morning cardio (I don't believe it most mornings either) and the quest to eat a wee bit better, or the fact that I have a dishwasher (that's more likely), but whatever it is, I'm using the hell out of this new kitchen. I've also spent a bunch of time asking questions about food at the farmers market. (Did you know: kohlrabi is to be peeled and eaten raw. Chicken mushrooms actually have the texture of chicken, seems obvious though, but they also stand up well to grilling. There are itty bitty tomatoes at the Butcher Crick Farms stand that you could eat like grapes.)
Here's a few I think you should try: non-cole-slaw-coleslaw, Ratatouille (without the poached eggs), and you should get Chase+Sara to help you make a shrimp boil too. 

3- Shows on which they sing.
It's a well known fact that I'd prefer life to be a musical.
 (I should also note that all I want to do most of the time is be on a stage, in a band, a backup dancer, etc. #19 was crossed off on the epic Jake+Sahar weekend where I was in a band. Like on the stage. In a band of men with Irish brogues. I played a fancy tambourine. People now call me the "Rhythm Riot." And by people, I mean me.) 
A photo from the epic weekend. (after I was in a band)
 So sign me up for SingOffs, and XFactors and Glee. I'll gladly sing into a wooden spoon during commercials while I whip up cilantro pesto flautas and pumpkin soup. That's not at all embarrassing.

4- Books that teach creatives how to write a business plan.
I've checked out all I can find at the Des Moines Public Library. I've tried to piece together notes of them all.
Here's what I've flipped through:
The Handmade Marketplace
Craft, Inc
How to Make Money Using Etsy (Sorry dude-who-wrote-this, I didn't find you terribly helpful)
Start Your Own Arts and Crafts Business
What else should I be reading?

(So much knowledge in one post.)