XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

An Ode to the 4404.

Dear 28,
After much revision (and much research so to make it a classifiable "ode," which I believe it still is not).
The Stoop is perfect. But my sweet and lovely 4404, you're forever in my heart.

An Ode to the 4404
Back in 2007 we met out of desperation
and necessity.
I moved in with haste and Grandma's loveseat.
You were home to bountiful bowls of pasta
on Tuesdays.
I once fainted on your stairs.
You went through 2 TVs, 4 antennas
and never had cable.
Our biggest argument stemmed from the
digital television conversion.
Secret meetings happened behind your door,
and one wall is probably still stained with pinot noir.
The humble pantry was packed with paper,
scissors,sequins and sundry other crafty goods.
At least eight other people have had keys to your door.
We baked bread, and terrible cake, and Easter ham.
Many a plant met its demise on the sill of
your perfect kitchen window.
I constantly found glitter on your floor.
Many (solo) dance parties, dinner parties
and pre-parties and even post-parties were
celebrated in your living room.
You served as refuge for those seeking a home
and those searching for a dress.
I should apologize to #10 for all the R.Kelly serenades.
Des Moines became home within your walls.
Your tiny closets will not be missed.

"4404", "des moines"LAURAComment