XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

Game face.

Dear 28,
Thursday. 2:36pm.
From Muskie. To Des Moines. To Marysville. 12:14am. ish.
(Jessica you're a terrific driver and big thank you to the Searcey family*.)
Friday. 6:08am.
Bus must leave by 7:00am- right. 
Friday. 7:26am.
Onto Lincoln.
Friday. 11:00am.
Game time. (After walking a maze of sidewalks and bridges and through throngs of fans that matched the crowds at the WalMarts we passed. Game time.)
Friday. 9:21pm.
Leave Lincoln.
Saturday. 1:34am.
Back to DSM. Lots of sleeping.

*Thank you again Searceys! So hospitable.

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