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A Love Letter History.

I want to be a shining czar.

Dear 28,
I'm running for Social Czar* of Des Moines. How bizarre.
The Des Moines Social Club [DMSC] is holding their first "Faux Caucus" and they've asked me to join the race. In addition to achieving my lifelong dream of being cool, (True. See photo below. While those glasses may now be considered hipster, in '89- uncool) I'll have the chance to make a donation to my favorite place in all of Des Moines, The Des Moines Art Center [DMAC]. In order to give the big gift, I need some big votes-- here's where you can help!
Want to support the DMAC and the DMSC?
(Very similar acronyms. Both are awesome art-promoting organizations that make DSM a super place)
Oh and make me cool (see photo again. think Sally Jessy Raphael)
Vote. There's 13 nominees. Again, only the final five will have the chance to campaign for their charity. Many of my competitors have campaign videos and cool slogans or sell tshirts. (I've even been called a candyass.)

See you at the BASH. (Buy tickets for that HERE. The final five also speak at the event. So that should be interesting.)

If you're an out-of-towner, Vote anyway. I need you.
Thanks for your help!

*Social Czar | social zär; (t)sär | (noun):
1. a title for a fancy person who wins the Des Moines Social Club's Faux Caucus. 
2. a person with great authority or power, or at least someone who gets a bathroom named for them.
3. most importantly a way to get a bunch of donations for the Des Moines Art Center.