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A Love Letter History.

Living under the per diem (day two).

Dear 28,

Day 2: $9+$13+$4 ($26)
Day two was destined to fail. I had a coffee visit, which never is enough for breakfast, so I went to the nearest café. Damn breakfast isn’t cheap. And damn breakfast wasn’t good. So $13.84 later, I’m still hungry (picking through an unseasoned frittata – a frittata with peas in it - for an hour works up an appetite). Marmalade Café did offer free wi-fi, an interesting conversation between an Australian on a diet and his work buddy who took all the waitress’ advice, and a cute baby at the table next to me. Reminded me of my cousin Carrie's perfect twin daughters. (see below. oh-so-cute.)
Those darling Burch girls. 
I must say I'm getting pretty great at my SoCal directions. I know my 405 from the 5 from the 55 and now know which way to turn on MacArthur to get to John Wayne. So scooting from Tustin Legacy to Irvine seemed like a breeze. (And I learned a little about these weird giant concrete structures: the Tustin Hangars. Read about them. Apparently they have their own weather. However that works.) Prior to hitting the road, like just one day prior, I had a hankering for pho (not hangaring) and so I overtook the table with a bunch of plates at Fawn's. I barely at half of it. But oh it was delicious. (this is seemingly unrelated, but read on to find a lunch with even more plates.)
You'd think after a lunch that size (just yesterday) I'd be ready for something petite, and more salad like. Or at least trainer approved. But business took me elsewhere and for lunch I hit a DU alum’s spot- Mizuki- and feasted on a salmon plate lunch that took up the whole table. A well spent $13.31 (including tip). Not only was Sarah the server super friendly, the food was tasty.
And I’m ALREADY OVER the allotted $26. Looks like no night cap for this kid.
Dinner at the Red Table (yum) and a successful night.