XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

Palmer Reading.

Dear 28,
I don't believe in magic. Bold statement, maybe, but I just don't.
In fact I wouldn't say I believe in horoscopes or psychics or auras. I added "Get my palm read" to the list as an experiment. (I should admit I do read my astrology zone horoscope thanks to Liz...so maybe I'm telling a half truth. A psychic would know.) After a March of unexpected outcomes, I thought it might be time to see what my palms tell a psychic about my future. Then at least I'll be prepared. 
I found Sister Star (I know. Awesome.) through google and called a few days ahead to make a couple appointments for Tone and me. She's offering a special package deal right now that includes a palm reading, a tarot card reading AND a psychic reading, but I stuck with the simple palm reading. (Tone, known to go big, went for the super sized reading, of course.) Sister Star's office (do you call it an office?) exists in a little room to the side of her home. We were greeted by the faint smell of smoke and incense as Sister Star, dressing simply in black pants, a dusty black fleece and her hair wound up in a clip, gestured for us to sit on a bitty love seat. In front of us, a glass table with crystals and what appeared to be a wand lay ceremoniously beside a deck of tarot cards. Beside me there was a money tree (seriously) and pictures of the Pope sat atop glass cases and presided over us from the wall. (That surprised me. Didn't know the Catholics were down with psychics. Seems like they'd prefer Jesus.) 
Sister Star allowed me to ask her questions, both about the reading and about her life as a psychic (which I loved). She was born with her gift and believes that some training on the science of palm reading and understanding auras helps, she relies heavily on her psychic ability. She, regrettably, can't predict her personal future, but has visited a psychic once in Vegas. "She was very, very good, but I can't recall her name." Sister Star grew up in here in Des Moines and has been doing readings for over 25 years. 
Sister Star spoke calmly as I held out my hands and she surveyed the damage. While sharing specifics of the reading is "not encouraged," Sister Star provided some interesting insights, talked about my chakra and told me that I need "focus" about 6-8 times. That was a given- I've needed focus since 1983. (And I got rid of the focus just this year. Not funny. I know.) She spoke of future predictions, auras and again, said I need focus. In case you need a visual to read along with Sister Star, I've included my palms. Should you be a palm reader and reading this- let me know if you see anything Sister Star might have missed. I guess you don't really know if a psychic is good for a few months, or even years, but if you're looking for an interesting adventure and willing to hear a couple things you may or may not want to hear, go see Sister Star. If only to see the money tree.