XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

Take a hike.

Dear 28,
I went on a hike. Who knew I could walk a dirt path up a hill. Like outside. We saw people riding bikes along the trail with impossible ease. (There are lots of rocks. Most of the time I wobbled while walking and very nearly fell, and these people were flinging their wheels down the paths.) We came face to face with a deer (and as you know, I really don't like deer- rats with long legs.) We ate sandwiches at the top of a ridge admiring the views. I complained very little (shocking) while wearing the least appropriate hiking clothes (okay it wasn't a pencil skirt, so it's wasn't the "least appropriate" outfit I could have worn.) Sitting at the top of a hill it felt like someone muted life for a minute and slowed my brain down as I took deep breaths (mostly because I was out of breath) and  felt present. Oddly, I'd probably do it again. Jen pointed out I could have done my hair a little nicer for photos, but it was a hike, no one is supposed to have good hair on a hike.
We did something a little more fancy the following day. DAM it was fun. I got swept away by Claes, posed with a Totem and on a runway, and we spent a lot of time wandering through a red dining room filled with flying foxes (this was a real highlight and super bizarre).
Thanks Becca. Such a perfect trip. Now if only I could count a "ridge" as a monument...