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A Love Letter History.

There's a Norman Rockwell book surplus.

Dear 28,
The new moon came and went. According to the astrologyzone people, this new moon was to be sweet, oh and will set off a "whole change of mood to the month." That new moon will be "bringing it from serious to sensational." I can't wait to have April get all sensational. 
Over the course of last week and the passing weekend I drew a nude with crayons, adventured to the east to buy used books, and saw Congressman Leonard Boswell pump his own gas like an everyday Iowan (This is not an endorsement, although Leonard does clearly endorse himself. He has his own campaign sticker on his truck or maybe he uses it as a label, who knows). 
Photo credit to Sara, part time paparazzi.

I made several keen, yet not-well-researched observations throughout the newly mooned weekend. ("Newly mooned" is not a phrase I'd use without referencing something lunar.) I wouldn't say many of these are worth sharing, but I find them interesting, so let's do this.
1. Leonard Boswell buys the Des Moines Register on Saturdays. FYI.
2. At the Planned Parenthood book sale you can find anything. You want to read a biography of Hillary Clinton  pre-Secretary of State stardom? They have it. You lost your copy of The Giver back in 1998 and need a new one? They have it. You want a book called An Important List of Words? They have it. Seriously. You want 8 different Andy Williams records. THEY HAVE IT. 
3. Norman Rockwell books used to be in every home in America. Judging by the number of Norman Rockwell books at the book sale, they only used to be in people's homes. (Googling "the decreasing popularity of Norman Rockwell" doesn't get you much information on just why there seem to be a surplus of the man's books that people do not want anymore. So don't start there if you want to get to the bottom of this.) I'll get back to you when I draw my own intelligent conclusions.
4. Someone would rather be kissing Laura. 
5. There are lots of German speaking talented artists in Des Moines. (I'm really sorry if it wasn't German they were speaking. It felt like German, even though I personally don't speak German.) Also- you should definitely go to Drink and Draw. 
6. Michael Kimmelman told me Germans love the Wild West. This is the most I have ever referenced the Germans on this blog.
So much knowledge for just one week. 

I'm running another race this week. This time it's one mile. I think two races in three weeks makes me almost seem like a runner, but please don't get that impression.
Now, off to further research this Norman Rockwell thing.