XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

The hydrologic system right here in a plastic bottle.

Dear 28,
Tony Feher is full of wisdom. In the class he "taught" last night (it was more of a conversation about art that ended with Tony sticking tiny sword picks into the top of a Starbucks cup and giving me this piece of art) I learned all kinds of things including: Art making takes a whole lot of hard work and that Tony Feher kept a note I wrote to him (sigh).
Thanks Des Moines Art Center for giving me yet another opportunity to meet and mingle with an incredible artist.

1- Yes that is a "gods eye" made of easter basket grass tied together and straws. And yes I did make it for Tony Feher.
2- Yes that is a gin and tonic that Tony Feher mixed up for me. 
3- Why yes, that is a photo taken with my new iphone and yes you can expect photos to be better now that I own it. You are welcome.