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A Love Letter History.

Girl Talk all to myself.

Dear 29,
It wasn't exactly all to myself. But it sure felt like it. Too bad I didn't put "see Girl Talk with approximately 180 other people" on the list. Would have checked that off.
On Monday I saw Girl Talk at the historic Surf Ballroom.
A friend of a friend of a friend (maybe of a friend of a friend) extended an invite to a concert won through a contest or something. There were very few details shared about how this happened, but it did. And poof. We're in Clear Lake on a Monday (despite a packed Tuesday ahead of us all) dancing in the confetti at what Greg Gillis himself called his "most intimate show since 2004."
It was pretty amazing. As you can see from the photos both above and below, I had a super time. And held handfuls of confetti. And stood close enough to the Girl Talk that I could have reached out and pinched his cheek or, something less weird like high five him.
This post is primarily to make me feel really cool. Girl Talk.