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A Love Letter History.

Do you remember September?

Dear 29,
I loved last September. I put out a bunch of good vibes into the universe and was repaid with a month of awesome. This year, I think the universe just swallowed September up or to put it less dramatically, geesh this month went fast.
To summarize 2012's speediest month to date, let's recap:
- I danced at two weddings.
- Visited my grandparents' Dairy Queen at 1:30am.
- I caught my biggest fish yet. Oh and it had a mustache.
- I got acupuncture.
- I gave three speeches, Sara gave more than that, and we celebrated her 30th, and then I solo-semi-crashed a wedding.
- Sipped a dirty martini in a bank vault.
- I drew farm animals with my favorite four year old.
- Then we scotch club-ed.

Tonight Des Moines bids farewell to the infamous Anthony. At one point in time his family believed we'd get married in Thailand, so clearly this is a sad, but celebratory, occasion for me and the city. I'll miss you Tone.

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