XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

Yesvember, Round 3.

Dear 29,
I must be a crazy person, but yes, we're bringing it back. Yesvember.
Time out for a bigtime Happy 21st Birthday to Janer!
First let me point out that Yesvember is apparently a real thing for more people than just me. I'd like to think I personally started something, but I'm betting the Urban Dictionary defined it before I did.
When I was a young 27, the Yesvember was a great plan. I had all the energy in the world. Last year, at 28, the list was pretty well executed but I'm sure I napped a lot more. This year's mid-year list has been hand crafted to provide less stress, zero nerve pain and maybe, just maybe, be the first Yesvember where I don't freak out for not crossing the Center Street Bridge.

29 challenges. 31 days. One month of Yes. Bring it.
1. Yoga (Off a good start in the "less stress" mission)
2. Play a board game
3. Celebrate Black Friday Market Day success
4. Cook a turkey for my first (sad) Palmer family-less Thankgiving
5. Start training for that pull-up
6. Perfect a mulled wine recipe
7. Send 9 letters written in cursive
8. Bake a pie
9. Yoga (worth adding twice)
10. Vote
11. Renew my passport
12. Find another use for dried shrimp
13. Shoot a gun
14. Host the second annual XO-LP Holiday open house
15. Read a book
16. Craft a holiday decoration
17. Watch an episode of Twin Peaks
18. Try this Zumba thing
19. Watch the sun rise and set. Both in one day.
20. Walking taco night part two
21. Fish (I can't believe this is on the list either)
22. Research new postcard retail locations
23. Yoga (hey. why not. relaxing list items are tough to come up with)
24. Find a reason to wear the gown again
25. Photobooth
26. Meditate again, oh, and write about it
27. See the Moberg Gallery
28. Eat at Chucks, finally
29. Cross the Center Street Bridge.

That should keep me pretty busy this month. Like really busy with yoga and baking and getting up early. Let's do this. Yesvember. Go.