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A Love Letter History.


Dear 29,
I wrote and rewrote an end of year post for 2012. A bunch. After last year's great year end post, I really didn't have much to say about 2012 that was poetic, thoughtful or funny. In 50 blog posts I captured just a bit of what 2012 felt like (including some rough patches and bigtime celebrations). But I can say this: 2012 was all about gaining momentum and forward movement. Finally, according to my big fancy horoscope and my general feeling about the world, everything started to fall into place, slowly, but in a way I haven't felt in awhile.
I'm so grateful for the friends, family and colleagues that made the challenges, changes and triumphs of 2012 bearable and, even more so, completely awesome. Onward to 2013. Even bigger things on the horizon. Thanks for sticking with the blog. I'll be doing my best to keep a list of promises to myself (and to others) in this lucky year 2013, one of them: Write more.
Cheers to the year ahead.