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A Love Letter History.

On April 28th.

Dear 29,
I got carded today at Dahl's. Here I sit, 25 days from year 30, and I got carded. I think it's this ribbon headband I'm wearing that made the high-schooler behind the counter take an extra look at my need-to-renew-for-the-first-time-since-2007 ID. In 25 days I'm entering a new decade. My friends who have already crossed into their fourth decade (Thanks for the correction on that Tim. Would hate to have mistakenly called this my third decade) swear by their thirties. "So much better." "Seriously so much better."
If you'd take your focus off the two attractive dudes, you'd note I look younger in a headband. Particularly one made of bubble wrap. Note this was for an event. I wasn't wearing a hair accessory made of packing material today.
I'm feeling pretty guilty about the inadequate end to the 29th year on the blog. The list is blindingly unfinished. Fairfield Iowa is 1 hour and 53 minutes away from here. Homemade root beer consists of more than root beer flavoring, soda water and dry ice. (Spoiler alert. "Brew" involves actual brewing. Wrong word choice there, past-Laura. Should have gone with "Make my own root beer." That's a much more make-it-work-able sentence.) I haven't even considered camping until today due to a winter that lasted long into the fourth month of this year. I can't even explain what "Publish the Cookbook" means anymore after the idea has morphed, waned and come back to life at least three times since last May.
Currently drawing random recipes on a waxy paper meant to be a paint palette.
The list is more unfinished than it has been since the inception of this blog. When I look back on this 29th year, I can't say it was my most favorite, but I can say I learned more about myself this year than in any other I can remember. Maybe that's why there were less posts and more reflective moments (also known as panic attacks, celebrations, to do lists or Saturdays at home). A lot has changed in this finale year of my twenties. With 25 days left I vow to do my best, to cross off at least three more list items and to spend some time figuring out how the documentation of year 30 will be a little bit different. (New decade, new medium. Duh.)

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