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A Love Letter History.

6 days away.

Dear 29,
6 days to 30. (Because that paper chain in your office you are using as a countdown is getting shorter, you've probably already noticed.) I think the stars decided to align for me and give me a vacation to remember and a return-home that's kept me busy enough to not think about the decade change to come. (Don't worry, I'm not that anxious.)
The HBF and I took a three day adventure to San Diego where we walked along the highway by accident, crossed the 5 out of necessity, withstood the record setting heat that felt amazing, took the ferry, went into a hidden bar with gilded skulls on the wall and pretended it was my birthday daily.
We rode in a pedi-cab with a man who said "they call me the Paulmeister" and marveled at the sands of Coronado (seriously covered in glitter. this was incredible.) I even went to the zoo. A honeybadger is a real animal. Hippos are really mean and nasty creatures. And aw man panda babies are cute. We allllmmmooosssttt didn't come back. (From San Diego, not specifically from the zoo.)
Another super highlight of the last week-- a family meet up. We got to watch the littlest one speak at graduation. Then we celebrated the big news, mother's day and just generally being together. And the Mar and I wore matching outfits. (Again, my family, probably more fun than yours.) These last few days before 30 have been a flurry of fun.
Hoping to wrap up the year with some great sappy posts about what I learned in my twenties. Unless I'm packing during those moments. So much good ahead.