XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

Westward HO!

Dear 29,
Because my sense of humor remains in high school, what a hilarious blog title right?
I mean it's a real thing, but it's real funny to me. But it's also what's happenin, today, in hours.
In the old days (or about a year ago) I spent lots of time out in California. Each time my plane began it's descent into the Golden State this wisp of delight surged through me followed by a wave of calm. Something about that vaguely L-shaped state felt like home. And today we head back. (Cue the track) My first real, grown up vacation with no work, no obligations, not even many plans. Looking forward to being in that serene headspace for a few days before the chaos of change (chaos is used in the way that means "exciting and awesome" here) that May will bring. But for now a Calmer Palmer.