XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

2011 Mixtape Exchange!

Dear 28,
(and the rest of you)
I'm bringing it back: THE MIXTAPE EXCHANGE
Last year over 90 people from all over the world signed up to share their favorite music of 2010 with each other. It was even written about on real blogs! This year I'm hosting again, so assemble your playlist, burn that disc and send me your information. (Details below)

Here are the rules (in list form of course):
1- Email me at xo.lp.blog@gmail.com your name + mailing address by January 6th if you'd like to participate.
2- You will receive an email with the name + mailing address of your mixtape buddy by January 10th.
3- Pull together your favorite tracks of 2011 and make your playlist.
    3a- One song per artist please (Yes. I listened to Watch the Throne for about three weeks, but one track from the gods of hip hop is plenty.)
    3b- Try to compile a list that's about 60 minutes long. (Check out here, here and here for inspiration)
    3c- All songs should be from 2011. (I know you just discovered the power of Bieber's smash single, Baby, but it wasn't put out in 2011, so keep it off the list.)
4- Burn your mixtape on a CD. 
5- Send out your carefully packaged best-of-2011 mixtape to your buddy by January 30th. (I know last year some folks didn't receive their hotly anticipated mix. So be sure to send it this year. It makes people happy.) 

Finally- Send me a list of the tracks you put on your mix and I'll be sharing some Spotify playlists for us all to enjoy! (Find me on Spotify, share that playlist: palmerlaura)

Happy Mixing!