XO-LP // Laura Palmer

XO-LP Party Wall

XO-LP Party Wall

Every party makes a memory.

We celebrate babies, weddings, Tuesday nights, new jobs and everything in between. The pressure to prep the perfect party is high (thanks Pinterest) but we all know that it's really about being in the moment. And then putting that moment on Instagram. Sure, you could go all in on a full Pinterest theme party. Or you can let XO-LP take some of that stress out of planning and give you a memory making piece of wall art that's sure to get all the "likes."

Introducing the XO-LP Party Wall

It's a step and repeat. It's a photo booth backdrop. It's a great way to document a party that's portable, incredibly easy to hang and can be used again. The XO-LP Party Wall is an affordable (Just $52) way to offer a photo-op for your guests. These paper sheets are 7ft tall and 2ft wide. Each set comes with 3 sheets: when hung side by side the paper backdrop measures 7ft x 6ft. 

Want something a little bit fancier than the standard Party Wall? I can help with that too. I can customize a Party Wall-- or we can create your own! Imagine how much fun your guests will have in front of a custom party wall- It'll make sure your event is the talk of social media. 

Dinner Party Wall

You're having an end of summer BBQ, a dinner party for your rehearsal dinner or just just want to show your guests how seriously you take your roast chicken on a Wednesday. This dinner party wall is sure to jazz up any foodie event.

Birthday Party Wall

Happy birthday to you, person who values photographic evidence of turning a year older. Let's document every 1st, 3rd, 14th and 35th birthday we can.

Baby Shower Party Wall

Look! It's a baby! 
Any new mom and dad will appreciate a photo wall much more than they do that game where people smell diapers filled with melted candy bars. Seriously. This is better.

Custom Party Wall

Want to go all-in with your party and truly dazzle your guests? I mean, you only celebrate your 75th birthday once! Let's go custom. I'll draw all your favorite things. 

Wedding Party Wall

Weddings are so hot for photo booths. Everyone wants their day to be the most special (+ most hashtag-ed) of the year. Pump up the volume on your photo-backdrop with this one that you can use for showers, receptions or brunch.

XL Party Wall

Need a full wall of fun that can capture a group? The XL Party Wall gets you 5 sheets of a custom designed Party Wall— totaling 10 ft x 7ft of illustrated fun.