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Love Letters to a New Year.

I like to do drawings.

Dear 30, 

I believe in practice. Although I don't always practice my belief in practicing, I know that there's truth in my theory. It's an adage, it has to be true, like, by definition. 

It's like this: those weeks where I have four 7:30am meetings in a row, well by that fifth day, I'm up and rollin into work as though my Keurig produced the world's greatest cup-o-joe and I slept like a kid after an all-day soccer tournament. Practicing the early morning get up and go suddenly made me a morning person for a day. (Just a day. I like sleeping in the morning.) 

2013-10-20 22.15.53-1.jpg
2013-10-30 17.52.37.jpg

I like a zone, a routine of sorts, and getting better and more "zoned," for me, well it takes a whole lotta practice. A lot of it.

Drawings. They take lots of practice. Even though I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, I still have to practice, a lot, to get myself in the right creative place. I mean, "A monster of a day" with a green monster dude doesn't just pop into my head everyday... (ok maybe it does. maybe "sup witches" was a little tougher.) I've been trying to find my routine and draw a little bit each and everyday. Using Cat, my spirit animal, as inspiration and obsessively checking out the #sendmoremail hashtag on Instagram, I'm drawing every teeny tiny idea that crosses my crazy mind. (Including a question about a horse face. Which made me draw the face of a horse. Of course. Of course.)

I'm preppin' for one of my favorite days of all the days, Market Day's Black Friday Shopping Extravaganza! There'll be new holiday goods, some fancy customizable prints and XO-LP monthly. Oh My. So much drawing yet to do. Practice. Lots of it. But we all know what they say. They say that practice makes perfect.


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