May your days be MERRY & Bright.

Dear 30,

Christmas Eve. A day of rest and gift wrapping and running back and forth to the HyVee drugtown before it closes. In the midst of all the chaos, I can't help but feel like a little girl again, anticipating Santa and gifts and that rush of Christmas morning.

Wishing you a very Merry Holiday.

2013-12-15 09.58.01-1.jpg

May your holidays be filled with jello shots, merry making, game-playing family time and all the Christmas music your heart can handle. Oh and Fireball. And that evergreen scent of Christmas. And sleeping in until 10am. And a soon-to-be-brother-in-law. And reuniting with your very favorite old friends. And new puppies. And a surplus of polka dots. Oh and old photos (where you look like a young English boy) that are hilarious. And that heart warming feeling of giving gifts. 

Merry Holidays, friends, from the Palmer house to yours.