XO-LP // Laura Palmer


Love Letters to a New Year.

52 Letters: #1

Dear Stoop,
We had a great run, don't you think? I still remember that first step through your doors. We were made for each other. We celebrated special occasions and average Thursdays with the same level of enthusiasm. We had some pretty rough moments, but never took for granted the dishwasher. Great meals were had, great moments were savored. As we said goodbye today, I sang a lot aloud while washing the metal doors and vacuuming the closet. 


Judging by the numbers*, I will sure miss you:
2 turkeys (one in an April and one in November)
2 XO-LP holiday open houses

3 birthday parties
5 broken dishes
132 antena adjustments
2 jobs
1 person falling down the stoop steps
109 Netflix on-demand movies
6 visits from sisters
26 roast chickens
56 trips to Carls
1 catch Monday
2 scotch clubs
18 bottles of champagne
42 wedges of fancy cheese
2 tomato plants (for one incredible #stoopgarden)
1 batch of homemade crackers

2 strangers walking into my apartment, both accidentally
217 empty bottles left by the dumpster
1 batch of homemade crackers
2 pumpkins
19 pre-parties (for something.)
1.75 years together

Thanks for being my home and the perfect place for a party. As I write this from the comfort of my new shared home, watching Chopped and exhausted from an afternoon of searching for and planting flowers that thrive in the shade, I know I'll miss you, but I think I'll grow to love these new digs, just like I grew to love you.

*Some of these numbers are made up. But semi-accurate. So Let's call them "estimated numbers."