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Love Letters to a New Year.

#mondaypunday wins Instagram.

Dear 31,

You guys. I don't want to brag, but #mondaypunday won Instagram this week. 

Cheese jokes, man. They are hilarious.

(The original #mondaypunday joke I made.)

(The original #mondaypunday joke I made.)

"So gouda to see you" is a pretty amateur cheese joke. I know. But then the comments happened. "Feta give credit where it is fondue?" HA. "You're also a muenster at puns?" HA.

Tim + Chris + JB you really shredded the cheesy pun challenge. 

Cheesy Punday.PNG

I could list all the reject cheese jokes I scribbled down in case of additional comments, but that's not as fun as continuing the dairy word play. So, people of the interwebs, show me what you've got. Cheese jokes. GO.