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Love Letters to a New Year.


Dear 30,

In the purple Rally Sport Chevy, Rebecca and I would blast "Tearin' Up My Heart." I would sing, louder than her, partly because I reluctantly made honor choir in 5th grade and she didn't (even though I tried to get Mrs. Goble to let her have my spot. Sorry Bec and Abby too. Think of this way-- I showed up at honor choir wearing a denim floppy hat with a sunflower on it. Honor choir was for kids who dressed like Blossom.) and partly because even then I dreamed of being behind a microphone. I still do. And I still dream of dancing with a back up crew while wearing a white button down. (This is a music video reference. Not a weird musical fantasy.)

As much as I loved JC (and his Tara Reid moment), of all the 'NSYNC boys, Justin was clearly the hot one. Even during the cornrow phase, the Britney phase and even in that weird, weird video where Chris is in a straightjacket-- in each ridiculous incident and with each ridiculous hair cut, he was a crowd favorite. I associate much of that 'NSYNC album with being a super cool teenager. (Or that super cool teenager I dreamed of being) and Rebecca's purple car and the boom box Jen and I shared. I was always, for the record, team 'NSYNC, not team Backstreet Boys.

Years passed, 4 of them. That Bye Bye Bye dance move I'd perfected became uncool. Years of MTV and Joey Fatone in movies passed. Years of bob haircuts (for me not for for Joey Fatone) and that realization that my high school boyfriend looked a little like soon-to-be-astronaut Lance Bass. Then, on that cold near-winter night, Katie (who was called "NSYNC girl" in high school) and I climbed into her Chevy convertible and drove to the ghetto Walmart near Cub foods. We wandered to the electronics and waited in line with three other sorority girls to get our hands on that Justified album. We drove around Currier three times before parking just so we could hear a little bit of each and every track. That JT rocked your body, Señorita. Then he brought Sexy Back. And made me love Jimmy Fallon. 

Here we are, nearly 12 years later (gasp. gross. 12 years. whoa.) and I'm still Lustin' Timberlake. 

Monday night I rocked the back row with 16 women to the sweet sounds of that Mickey Mouse Club member. My knees still hurt a little bit from dancing in my seat space. To think I hesitated when Sarah offered a ticket to see JT on a school night… and as my really "great" iPhone video shows, I made the best choice when I said "count me in."

Here's what we've learned:
1. I need new dance moves if the ones I'm currently doing cause knee pain.
2. "Lustin' Timberlake" should clearly have been the name of this post.
3. Many critical music moments in my life happened in a Chevy. (Call me Chevrolet. I'll tell you all about it)
4. Justin Timberlake, now 33, should know that he still makes women, aged 30-45, weak in the knees.
5. Always trust Sarah Bacehowski.
6. Justin Timberlake > Nick Carter

Shout out to the super sweet group of ladies who let me tag along with them to Omaha (you are one impressive, welcoming and hilarious group), to Karin and Aimee for letting me talk Valentines and piano lessons all the way to NE, a special thanks to Becca for driving me everywhere in 1998 but letting me pick the music (and letting me tell everyone that Mrs. Goble story) and to the original NSYNC girl, Katie: JT still makes me miss Iowa City and you. 

So there it is. I heart Timberlake. (You know you do too.)
ometimes you have to write posts about pop icons to both boast about the bad ass concert you went to on a Monday and because memories attached to music are the ones you hold closest to your heart.