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Love Letters to a New Year.

The longest shortest month. Ever.

Dear 30,

It's been so long since I blogged I almost wrote "dear 31." Thankfully there's still a few months between me and a new age, but I sure crammed a lot of seasonal depression, bowling alley hours, wedding related travel and complex life analysis into the 22 days since my last post. Because I'm sure you were waiting for it, and I really only blog to please my audience (and talk about myself), here are 22 things that happened since the last post. There's no chronological reasoning and this is by no means all of it, but I'll hit ya with the highlights.

1. I spent 36+ hours at Plaza Lanes and have yet to be the Foursquare Mayor. I have, however, come super close to my fundraising goal. (You can still help me get there. Shameless pitch.)
2. Jesper Just instagrammed me. #starstruck
3. I had my first (2 and 3rd) comic book drawing class(es) with the famous Ron Wagner. I'm the only one in the class who hasn't read a Superman comic. I have also purchased my first two comic books (in an attempt to be sorta hipster cool) and drawn a comic about what happens to wish pennies once they are thrown in a mall fountain.
4. HBF and I went into a bar called Beer Can Alley and danced to "Proud to be an American" in honor of Jenni's birthday. "Danced" might be the wrong word. We swayed to "Proud to be an American" over shots of tequila.

5. I survived a seagull attack on America's #1 Beach of 2011. Additional side note: I was wearing an American flag bathing suit at the time. 
6. The Palmers went to FL and celebrated the Eagle/Kluska wedding. Rev. Wildcat presided over the ceremony. The wedding was almost as exquisitely beautiful as the bride.
7. I shoveled the sidewalk 4 times and secretly wept as the snow continued to winter everything.
8. My little sister bought a wedding dress. (!!!!) 
9. Jen Geigley shared some of her coolness with me over coffee.
10. We thought we saw Joakim Noah at a restaurant in Chicago. It was not Joakim Noah.
11. I posted 3 new #mondaypundays.
12. We kicked off the first ever week of make\break SPRING TRAINING.
13. I toured two firehouses, but was not allowed to wear a helmut or slide down the fire pole.
14. I held books and photos from 1937. I had to wear white gloves. 
15. I celebrated Valentine's day by a pool while wearing a new Lulu gem.

16. I saw trainer Nate at least 5 times. (Better than zero gym dates, but still not sure working out is any fun, at all.) Fun fact: there are sit up things called "hovas" because you put your diamond in the sky, ish. 
17. I successfully mocked a Cubs fan (and police officer) at a charity luncheon. 
18. We watched the first two seasons of Scandal obsessively. Like a gladiator.
19. I coated mini booze bottles in gold glitter to celebrate Kiley's birthday and because little bottles of booze are so cute coated in gold glitter.

20. I barely survived Mercury in Retrograde. Just barely.
21. We didn't fish. Not once. (Sorry HBF. It hurt my heart a little bit too.)
22. I'm still paper-chaining my way to Spring. 

And then poof. It's a week into March. POOF.

When the warmth returns I'll get back to the list.