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Love Letters to a New Year.

All Over the Interwebs: You're almost 31.

Dear 30,

May starts this week. In 26 days I'll be a year older with another list ahead of me. Or as HBF said today, "In 13 months you'll be 32."

Today I did early morning grocery shopping, watched Tangled (eh. it happened), feasted on papaya salad and egg rolls, met with the amazingly cool Jen and posted on Bastille's Facebook wall rather than seeing an Iowa "landmark," watching one of three Godfathers or reading a book.

Lots of photo + drawing experiments happening in my life. Including  Wild Hansen . 

Lots of photo + drawing experiments happening in my life. Including Wild Hansen

I'm clearly focused on completing the remaining 16 items I've got left. (16 is more than half of 30 in case you were following along on my less than half way there progress.)

Ends up that all over the interwebs people are making lists of things (duh) just like I do. So this week's All Over the Interwebs is dedicated to lists of 31. You are welcome.

  • Last weekend Chelsea was in town (yayayay!) We hugged babies, devoured queso and made an epic cheese plate. Additionally we crafted a delicious Easter breakfast that included first-time hollandaise (I fear this will become a reoccurring treat for me, oh how tasty a stick of butter can be) and a teeny Easter ham. Thank goodness the interwebs offers me a list of 31 things to make with leftover ham! Looks like I'll be baking some chive biscuits this week.
chelsea shandy.JPG

So many helpful lists. So few days left in my (truly wonderful) thirtieth year of life. 

Who wants to loan me the Godfather Trilogy? And who can advise me on rillette making? And where can I find an Iowa roadside attraction? 
[Big week ahead. Yeesh.]

Enjoy the last bits of April, friends.