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Love Letters to a New Year.

May Day! May Day!

Dear 30,

May Day! May Day! May Day!

I think winter opened into May. Seriously. It was cold and then POOF. Green grass and blooming magnolia trees and rain showers and skirts without tights. (I'm not kidding. It was a poof.)

i made this. 

i made this. 

There's been a whole lot of drawing and photoshop practice and genius planning in my last 30 days. I attribute that to the sunshine and the bloomin' trees and the mud puddle of grass seed in our front yard. (Speaking of front yards, I get to keep this one for another year. Expect more #stoopgarden adventures.)

The first day of May made my head spin. I'm feeling creative and inspired and ready to save the USPS one little letter at a time. (Okay, you're right. I feel this way a lot, but in the springtime I'm extra dreamery.)

So I pass it on. A few bits of inspiration that might help

Oh and check out these people who are following dreams and making bigtime happenings.

  • Jessica is an idea sharer, an artist and a seamstress. She makes plans, pretty bags and sweet banners.
  • Nicole (and Dime) is generous and colorful and makes bold jewelry you're going to want to see.
  • This place looks to be something special in the making. Go get it, DMSC.
  • Holy Mole I found a punny kindred spirit. Amazing.
  • Adrienne Outlaw. I'm a fan girl. Really cool stuff going down in Nashville.

Let the springtime make you feel renewed and ready to change the world. May the days ahead be terrific.