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Love Letters to a New Year.

All Over the Interwebs: Super Dreamy.

Dear 30,

Since the engagement I've been floating on a cloud of vintage ring induced elation. It's kind of like I'm living in this sweet dream I don't want to wake up from. (Cheesy? Sure. Accurate? Definitely.)

We got engaged, yes, but there's so much more to celebrate in the Palmer family. Two sisters graduated this weekend and one sister is a few short months from a wedding- I'm bursting with pride and excitement. (Photos of the good looking grads and engaged couple below. And yes, that is Miss Iowa.)

With all these dreams coming true, for everyone, I dedicate this edition of All Over the Interwebs to all things Super Dreamy.

photo 5-4.JPG
  • 5 simple steps from Inc (my fav) to uncover your dream job. The steps are simple, but the questions are doozies. (Finding your purpose is tough, man.)
  • And in case you want to know the meaning of that dream you can't talk about in public, check out Dream Moods. (According to this, my dreams are telling me I'm emotionally whole. This is great news.)
  • And this week I simply dream of getting things done. This might just give the seat of my pants the swift kick they needed. 

What's on your summer list of big dreams? With 31 now just ten days away, I'll be putting together yet another list of dreams and to dos. And probably listening to songs about dreams while doing it. I sure hope you're keeping big dreams alive and not dreaming of raccoons*. Now, back to step #3 from wiki how and/or the dream dictionary. 


*Speaking of raccoons. I have a lot of questions about how those little creatures get in and out of our trash cans nightly without breaking anything or making a mess.