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Love Letters to a New Year.

The CVB and Me: A love affair with Des Moines.

Dear 30,

It's no secret that I love Des Moines. I could probably write weekly love notes to my fair city. Especially lately… so many wonderful DSM opportunities. In fact, my business is a business because I'm here in Des Moines. I know that sounds pretty bold, but it's true.

I met my favorite printer (and dear friend Sara) at a preview dinner on Ingersoll, by chance. Now Universal Printing is key to my biz success and feels like part of my family. I met my first custom clients over drinks and last year I did four custom holiday cards for families and businesses I know personally. (Even received a few of the cards in the mail.) I'm selling at two Des Moines locations owned by friends and mentors. I work for Market Day with three of my favorite Des Moines residents because this city embraced a handmade market and it's first Community Supported Art program. I built a ladder with Dad Lidgett because Liz helped me find a project that was inspiring (and has become a bit of an obsession).

Seriously. I love Des Moines. 

Then, I met Tiffany from the Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau who asked if custom illustrations were of interest to me. Once I realized the question was directed at me and not the amazing Cat, we started working together on a really great project that honors the city which helped me to bring my dreams to life. (In Des Moines people put faith in each other in cool and awesome ways. I'm sure in other cities people do this too. I hope they do.)

Working with the CVB is an opportunity for me to show my love for Des Moines through my illustrations. Seeing these sketches of my city come alive in Catch Des Moines colors… oh man it is cool. We worked together to create three custom Des Moines postcards, exclusively available at the CVB offices for $2.

This city (my city) is vibrant, full of chances for a young professional like me to showcase their skills through interesting collaborations. I'm so grateful that Tiffany and the CVB team gave me the opportunity to show my work in a way that expresses their vision in my style. A truly awesome collaboration.
(Thanks Tiffany. So much.)

Stop in. High Five the CVB peeps. (A group of people who love this city just as much as I do)
Pick up your Catch Des Moines postcard and a few brochures that will surely help you write your own love letter to our city.

(There's so many ways to catch Des Moines. What do you love about our city?)


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