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Love Letters to a New Year.

All Over the Interwebs: Power Ladies.

Dear 31,

If I'm being honest, I knew about #girlboss before I knew her name or that Nasty Gal wasn't a site selling lingerie. While in Florida, I tore threw the pages of Ms. Amoruso's book bending more than a few page corners along the way. (To go back and reference when this self-employed biz feels tough.) It was a perfectly timed read for our trip. I was mulling over the big leap each of the seven days we were away. Thinking way more than I should have on vacation. Magical thinking, like Sophia's, I hope. I just want to be a bad ass #girlboss. (Can you blame me?)

[my favorite chapter in #girlboss. so good.]

[my favorite chapter in #girlboss. so good.]

I've been so inspired by power ladies recently. And there are so many power ladies, a whole community of awesome, out there preaching the good word of fearless, entrepreneurial risks all over the interwebs.

So whether you're building the confidence to dance at an upcoming wedding or wishing you could sell your sweet ceramic genius at the next Market Day, here are a few power lady links that inspired me, nudged me along or set my spirit on fire with courage. [That's a big, bold image and some dramatic use of language. Whew.]

  • Kal Barteski is so talented. Her script is gestural, dynamic, and beautiful. She has so many inspiring prints to choose from and through the holiday you can use the code SUMMER and save 25%. Inspirational and on sale? Too good to be true. I agree. I especially love this one
  • I'm obsessed with After the Jump. Grace Bonney, who you might know from her powerhouse creative blog, DesignSponge, offers a weekly podcast full of inspiring and helpful advice from the successful creatives I look up to. In this particular internet radio episode, Grace asked a question I have spent months considering: What is the difference between risk and recklessness? And it was awesome. So awesome that I commented on it's awesomeness and sweet Grace wrote me back. 
  • I've been so inspired by Sarah's bad ass-ery lately. We share a love of XO, so I immediately liked her, but her advice on growing blogs and business and being one bad ass babe has given me a jolt of bravery these past few weeks. I especially love her newsletter tips. They are (and she is) bad ass. (That's the most I've said bad ass in a blog post, ever.)
My good sport sister, Jane, let me draw her portrait with crayons at a class  Cat  and I taught this weekend.  #25. Done.

My good sport sister, Jane, let me draw her portrait with crayons at a class Cat and I taught this weekend. #25. Done.

The new leap of a job is keeping my schedule full, testing my balance and keeping my brain churning 24/7. The interwebs are full of freelancing, entrepreneurial, independent motivations. Be sure to send some of your favorites my way. 

Back to skyline drawings, thank you notes and new business leads. #getit