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Love Letters to a New Year.

nothing is safe really

Dear 31,

I wrote earlier this week about Amy Turn Sharp and her dedication to her art. I found her poetry through an article on Oh My Handmade that share 50 creative (and super inspiring) Ladies. I was struck by how dedicated she was to writing. I mean, I love to draw, but haven't ever been able to commit to drawing, and capturing, a drawing every day. That's focus and intensity. So, because I'm that girl who does these things, I wrote her and told her she was awesome. Amy, being a nice person, responded and I sent her back a little note asking for advice...

...I’ve recently quit my (safe) full-time fundraising job to try to pursue (ahh!) my own illustration career. It’s been a crazy, introspective, challenging, emotional two months of me time. ..Thanks for being a great example of persistence, passion and drive. (Writing a poem a day is intense. I need some intensity role models. So thanks.) Any advice on stick-to-it-ness?...

Amy was kind enough to let me share it with the world. Because like I said, she's nice.

Happy Wednesday.