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Love Letters to a New Year.

All Over the Interwebs: Intro-preneur

Dear 31,

September is packed, man. So much is happening right on the edge of Fall. I've dressed up like Lois Lane, worn a necktie and a ball gown. Whew.
Each day #goingsolo feels a little less confusing, but never dull. I've been experimenting with new drawing projects (See that super hero backdrop down there? that's my drawing. 36inches big), focusing on centering myself and strengthening my triceps, annnnd prepping for my sister's wedding (AH! less than two weeks!!)

I've been working my sketches off, cranking out some NEW and EXCITING holiday projects for XO-LP.
OH and we met TIM GUNN!

Sure, I'm getting a little better, each day, at #goingsolo. I'm still trying to figure out accounting (yeesh math), swimming in a pile of receipts and working, all the time, on developing new products and bettering my sales pitch. The interwebs, again, prove to be a rad source of intro-preneurial tips. 

  1. Want to witness intense, dedicated and daily creativity? Check out Amy Turn Sharp and her 365 poem a day project. I know how tough it can be to push your creative limits everyday, but Amy's poetry is weighty and beautiful and full of amazing sentences. As a gal who is trying to hustle harder and focus more, Amy's poetry project is serving as another kick in the chakra. [Sidenote: She's also a nice person who responds to emails from strangers with amazing poetry. Look for an illustrated Amy Turn Sharp poem this week.]
  2. So maybe the last book I read was about Jamaica and fly fishing and a small monkey that acts like a human, but I've been stocking up on reads that help educate the #goingsolo side of life (but sometimes you must be entertained). Lucky for me Forbes rounded up a set of books perfect for Intro-preneurs recommended by 21 Lady Makers! Rework is on my coffee table right now waiting to be cracked open. What books would you recommend for #goingsolo?
  3. A list of people bound to inspire and super-charge anyone: 35 super cool entrepreneurs under 35
  4. Regina is the coolest. Offering up all kinds of [FREE!] meaty content for anyone kicking off a new project, a blog or a business plan: she's one of the best teachers I've found all over the Interwebs. I've spent (literally) hours on her site, combing through posts and taking notes. Like Amy, she takes the time to respond to reader feedback and emails with meaningful questions and comments. A superhero move. 

Wishing you a power-packed finale week of September. Where did you find inspiration on the interwebs this month?