XO-LP // Laura Palmer


Love Letters to a New Year.

Wife Life.

Dear 31,

I'm a wife.

Just about 4 weeks ago I married my favorite human. He grinned. I swooned. We danced surrounded by the people we love the most. The Temple for Performing Arts pulsed with joy, the walls draped with photos of marriages that influence and support ours. We sipped drinks at our favorite bar. We giggled during the ceremony as I semi-forgot my vows. And we got married. I'm a wife.

It's hard to believe it all came and went already. The weeks leading up to the wedding were stressful. I felt on edge most of the time, distracted by things like cocktail napkins and flower vases. Then weekend arrived: It was blurry and happy and surprisingly sunny. That day I only teared up once. I only got snippy twice. I only cursed in front of a full room of people (as my dad walked me down the aisle) loud enough for half the room to hear. 

I wore a navy top (made by the incredible Faythe at Dornink) with a full fluffy skirt as my wedding dress. Kevin looked sharp as ever in his Luigi Bianchi tuxedo. On his lapel a little fishing fly, of course. I hand drew 300 matchbooks as party favors ("a match made in heaven, with Kevin." was one of my personal favorites.) I jumped up and down, I pulled out my signature dance move and smiled so much my face felt sore for three straight days afterwards. It was blissful.

Our dear friend, Justin Salem Meyer, took epic photos of the day with his talented assistant Austin. The pictures perfectly captured exactly what I'd hoped they would: We were ourselves, but a little bit prettier. We had an evening wedding, so the afternoon was spent with our families and wedding party, cruising the city and enjoying our favorite spots (the Art Center, the Alpine, the sunshine). It felt so natural to parade around a townie bar in my crystal hair piece with a hydrangea bouquet. 

I have too many favorite shots. I can't wait to hang the precious polaroid photos we snapped at the Art Center in my home.

We promised to let each other dream big, and to keep each other grounded. 

The year ahead, our first year of marriage, is sure to be an adventure.


Photo credit: Justin Salem Meyer
Wedding Thank you: Mallory Huff + The Temple for Performing Arts
Dresses: Dornink + JCrew
Suits: Luigi Bianchi

Flowers: Megan at Boesen the Florist + the bridesmaids, Pat and Mom
Invites, Matchbooks, Programs and Signage: XO-LP, printed by Universal Printing
Husband: Kevin Hansen