XO-LP // Laura Palmer


Love Letters to a New Year.


#nomadlyweds is a thing.

10 days.
12 states.
196 greeting cards.
4 fishing rods.
2 newlyweds.


That's right. We're heading out on a road trip. (A week from today!) I'm packing up my fishing boots, my bathing suits and my best professional gear and setting out on an XO-LP World Tour. (And the husband. He's coming too. Marriage.)

There's a game plan: targeted stops at some really adorable shops. It's all organized neatly in a typed up doc. Know a must-see shop in the Southeast that's a perfect fit for XO-LP greetings? Please send all your suggestions. I'm particularly excited to see Asheville, Savannah and, newly, Paducah, Kentucky. 

But let's face it. The real road tripping happens at the unexpected fishing holes, roadside taco shacks and when your feet are on the dash and the windows are down.

This first year of marriage, well, it's going to be one hell of an adventure. 

Look for all the details of this world tour on Instagram (#nomadlyweds) and updates on our favorite stops here on the blog.

IA -> MO -> IL -> KY -> TN -> NC -> SC -> GA -> FL -> AL -> MS -> LA -> AR

Let's GO!