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Love Letters to a New Year.

Island in the Sun

Back in June (can that possibly be correct?) I spent an evening scribbling clip art in paradise. 

Confession: It's Monday night. I'm watching, shamelessly, the Bachelor in Paradise. That's right, I found myself a guilty summer pleasure and I spend my evening sipping pinot, wondering who is more drama (Joe or Samantha right?) and working. No seriously, while the kids are bouncing around the beach in Mexico, doing the bikini, tequila, dating thing: I work. And occasionally gasp at the most dramatic rose ceremony ever. Occasionally. (And I might have my favorite paradise couples, but let's pretend I don't.)

All the island moments: from sketchbook scan with the miracle app, Adobe Shape, to cute lil colorful icons. 

From Bachelor scribbles to pirate ships.
I wonder what that says about my feelings on the show?

Happy Monday!

(but really. someone watches this show with me right?!)