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Love Letters to a New Year.

All the Pineapples

My go to housewarming gift: The Pineapple

"But why?" you ask. The long story dates back as far as Christopher Columbus. You know, he discovered the pineapple way back when on a trip to the Caribbean. (But let's face it, any fruit sounds sweeter than the cannibalistic alternative...)

The fruit became a symbol of wealth: it's fragile, secret, syrupy fruit hiding in it's spikey exterior.

As with all the trends*: the pineapple went from secret hipster find on an island, into royal homes, grown with all kinds of fancy enhancements and then becomes a coveted gift and status symbol. 


From there the pineapple, which got it's name from it's resemblance to a pine cone, blew up (in popularity, not literally) all over door knockers, weather vanes and little wooden bowls you can now snag on etsy. Now you can find the fruit wearing shades on lapels, in emoji form and on the skirts of the hipsters.**

The pineapple is back as a popular icon, you guys, just like it was back in Chris' day. Since I've been seeing it everywhere (in smoothies and on skateboards) I've been drawing the piña a whole bunch.  

For more pineapple inspiration: Go Here


* Apparently this is how a trend is born according to me. 
** It always starts with the hipsters