XO-LP // Laura Palmer


Love Letters to a New Year.

All over the new stuff.

A little behind-the-scenes look as I redo all the XO-LP of the past, & bring the #postcardempire* into the future.

I'm in super-work-mode. Hustling the daylights out of my weeks. (is that a thing people say?) Above is the sketch, straight off the clipboard. I've been all about the clipboard these days, feels so right to have printer paper, flair pens and sharpies in my lap with that classic classroom tool. After scanning this baby in with my (#obsessed) Adobe Capture app, below are the results.

After some color is added, these sketches go from doodles to 2 birthday cards, an insta icon, a pi-day drawing for the facebook and a yet-to-be-named card featuring household tools. 

*#postcardempire is what I thought XO-LP would be back in 2011... these days it's more of a freelance illustration/greeting card designer empire. Sometimes dreams change, for the better. If you'd have told me back in 2011 I'd be using a clipboard to draw anything my brain could transmit to my right hand... for 5 hours a day... I think I'd have laughed for days. 

Drawing is fun. #makestuff

Back to the clipboard, kids.