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Love Letters to a New Year.

Game Time.

Ooooh man I love the Madness. 

[As I once said publicly, Basketball Jones. And that Space Jam is pretty hard to watch as a grown up.]

While this Big 12 adventure wasn't as win-focused as years past, we spent the weekend in KC, loving hard on the Cyclones. And after spending the day watching all the games (+ scouting the "leaked bracket"), I'm so so ready for this tourney. 3 Iowa teams and hosting first/second round games in our sweet, sweet city: How can we not be excited?!

Welcome to my sweet hometown, Kentucky, Indiana, Chattanooga and Stony Brook fans + teams! I've got some great DSM hotspots to share with you. 

[Sorry KU, it's a Big 12 thing... but good luck either way.]