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Love Letters to a New Year.

Pitchfest: Taking Action

Pitchfest originally launched in the Summer of 2016.

This year, in 2018, I've made a solid commitment to making 220 pitches-- that's over 50 a quarter. My mantra for 2018 is "Dream bigger dreams" and the only way to see those big (still loosely defined) dreams come true is to get clear and take action.

In the spirit of action, I'm bringing back Pitchfest as a way to kick me in the pants and inspire you (sweet friends and readers) to take action with me. Look for updates to interviews, where are they now notes and personal notes on how this pitch advice has worked for me.

Let's start the year with effective, thoughtful pitches that lead to collaborative, mutually beneficial projects. More work. More partners. More art. 

I spend hours crafting the "just right email." I spend entire afternoons scoping Pinterest for "pitching your brand to a blog" posts. What should be in my note? Do I call? Should I be more specific? Am I coming across like an expert? Am I communicating value? All these questions: well they get me stuck in a research, ponder, dream it up wheel. A steady stream of "what if?" and "should I?" Instead of doing the work, I'm just thinking about it, constantly. 

It's time to act: So let's pitch.

Pitchfest is a collection of interviews and stories from real life pitch experts. These bad ass ladies have the confidence, the moxie and the know-how to whip this nervous nelly into shape.

the goal: transform me [and you] from dreamer to doer. 

Here's what to expect from the rebirth of Pitchfest:

  • I'll revisit the interviews from 2016 and reflect on the advice of these bad ass babes

  • Each interview will be followed up with practical applications of our babe's advice and hot tips. After implementing these hot tips, I'll report back on my progress. Accountability matters, you guys. 

  • A few bonus interviews will be added to the mix, including a "why did you choose my pitch" and "why did you deny my pitch" post with real life examples. 

I'm excited to charge into 2018 with a more focused vision of what my business looks like... and to see it succeed (in a big way) because I put in the work. 

I hope you'll follow along!