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Love Letters to a New Year.

Creative Fuel #1

As creatives we're always in search of our inspiration fix.

The layered colors of an Iowa winter sunset, the savory delight of a braised oxtail dumpling in spicy pho broth, or a floor mural made of colored tape. When you get that spark-- it leads to so much great work, energized creating and kicks your art butt into gear real quick.

What's giving me life right now? I'm so glad you asked.


All the Kiddos

I love kid spirits, kid comments and especially kid art. I got to spend last weekend with my darling twin cousins, drawing on everything we could get our hands on with "special drawing pens." The way kids see the world (and all the art in it) continues to inspire me. I'm so lucky to have friends and family who trust me to spend time with their little ones, drawing all the trucks and trains and bats and unicorns. There's not much that makes me happier than quality art time with quality kids.


Hearts on Hearts

I love Valentine's Day. I love mushy love notes and the hilarious puns. I love the card making and sending and the construction paper hearts. I've spent the last two weeks drawing hundreds of tiny hearts and finishing up a new XO-LP Coloring book inspired by my deep seeded love for Love Day. 

Want to see what I've made? Go here. 

Timothy Goodman

My new favorite shirt expresses my constant state of being. (My feelings really do have feelings. Ask my husband.) One of my illustration heroes, Timothy Goodman, launched a collaboration with Uniqlo recently, and I can't get enough of it. Mr. Goodman is doing the work and getting the due credit, and I'm following along like a fan girl.

This kind of collaboration is what every illustrator dreams of. I mean, I know I do. My 2018 mantra is DREAM BIGGER and Timothy Goodman is pushing me to do just that.

[What's up Land of Nod? Let's talk.
I want to draw things for you!]

What's fueling your creativity right now?

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