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Meghan Donovan on the Power of a Personalized Pitch

Meghan Donovan

What makes Meghan a pitch expert?

In addition to being a terrific blogger with a keen sense of style and babe taste in clothes, Meghan just launched her consulting business specializing in the work she's be doing as her side hustle for years. 

What I think is super cool about Meghan.

Meghan is genuine. So genuine. She's fun, she's whip smart and her thoughtful follow up is #goals. Introduced by our mutual friend (and incredible human) Kiley, Meghan has quickly become my boss buddy- and someone I sincerely look up to. 

Where can we find Meghan on the internet?
Wit & Whimsy
@meghandono on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter & Pinterest

How do you describe your job?

I'm the blogger behind wit & whimsy and an independent PR & influencer marketing consultant. As a result, I both send and receive a lot of pitches!

What do you like most about your gig?

Constantly being challenged! I love that my jobs allow me to always strive to be creating fresh, interesting and engaging ideas and content. And the people! There are so many wonderful people I get to meet and work with as a result of my two jobs.


The best pitch you ever sent included this super thing:

Personalization! When I pitch media I always try to get someone's attention by mentioning something in my first sentence that references something 100% personalized to them. If I'm pitching a brand, I make note of my favorite products. 

The best pitch you ever received included this super thing:

Same as above. It was personalized to me and showed that they had truly spent time on my blog getting to know me & the content I product.

Meghan's definition of sales. 

Meghan's definition of sales. 

How do you craft a personal pitch?

It takes time but it's so much more worthwhile to do so! Showcase to someone that you've invested time in getting to know them and then illustrate how you and your services will help them achieve their objectives. Relationships should always be mutually beneficial - it can't always be all about you!

Top secret tip for a pitching beginner?

Be short, sweet, & to the point. Lay out a personalized pitch that says what you're looking to accomplish at the onset. Make the read worthwhile and valuable to the recipient. 

What are your favorite resources on the internet?

I subscribe to a lot of RSS feeds via Feedly to keep up to date and informed. I read loads of blogs to see what's trending but also love Fast Company, Entrepreneur and listen to loads of podcasts. 

What makes you feel most confident?

When I'm working hard and achieving my goals and seeing growth!