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Book It: 5 Reads topping my summer list

Remember Book It?

Nothing got the kids reading like the offer of a free personal pan pizza and a button featuring a rainbow. Seriously. I loved it. A quick Google revealed that in 2014, Pizza Hut brought the pizza for reading program- and included an "alumni" tab. 

On #nationalbookloversday I'd planned to reminisce on the pizza and the books and the buttons and stickers and here I am reading up on how Book It turned 30. [I'm older than Book It. Sigh.] Book it still exists, with teacher set reading goals and personal pan pizzas piling up in heaps. Cheesy heaps of reading rewards. This visual is not good, but the program is. 

5 completed books = a free personal pan pizza, so let's walk through the 5 reads topping my summer list. [And we'll all reward ourselves with a slice when we're finished.]


The descriptions of food and drink in this gem of a book are enough to make you get up, carry the book into the kitchen, pour yourself a lil glass of Shiraz and wish you had fresh truffles and brie in the house. It's a long one (at least on my library check out Kindle it feels long) but I'm enjoying it. 

Big Magic

This is so nice I've read it twice. Seriously, Elizabeth Gilbert, if you're reading: Thanks for voicing all the bits in my head and writing this book just for me. [I know I know, you didn't technically write it *just* for me, but it sure felt like it.]


Apparently I'm into books that have titles that start BIG. This book was recommended by one of my current favorite podcasts, A Few Things with Claire & Erica. It's an ultimate beach read: scandal! love! relationship drama! A quick page-turner worth checking out from the library before HBO turns it into a mini-series


Truth be told I'm just digging in here. The title was enough to make me want to read nonfiction that talks about perseverance. In my solo business career, I've been working, daily, on a more disciplined drive toward success. I need more grit in my life. I'm hoping Angela Duckworth can crack an egg o knowledge on me. 

The Art of Asking

This is next on my Summer reading list- and has been on my Spring reading list, my Winter reading list, and so on. Amanda Palmer is an artist. I'm an artist. Amanda Palmer knows the struggle is real (and honestly mostly in your head). It's a book about art, about asking for help and support, and about giving. Sounds like a must read for art nerds living the dream. 

What are you reading this summer?

ps: I'm off to get a pizza now. 

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