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Love Letters to a New Year.

March Favorites

In like a lion, out like a lamb? I think March went the other way. The end of this month has been a bit of a crazy ride (for so many people I know... Is there something crazy happening in the Universe right now?)

But here's what I loved in March:


I spent a whole lotta time bobbing my head to my “Discover Weekly” playlist this month. Whether it was with my headphones plugged in at the local Panera (enjoying a cinnamon crunch bagel, obvs) or in the car on one of our many trips to Iowa City these past two weeks- I’ve been jamming to the musical picks the Spotify mix masters put together for me. Current finds that are on repeat: the new Drake, Solange and HAIM.

Corks for College Illustrations

Kevin and I had the pleasure of chairing one of our favorite events supporting one of our favorite causes here in Des Moines: The I Have a Dream Foundation. IHDF is giving children in our community access to books, academic support, mentors and, most of all, helping each child and their family dream big for their futures. This past week’s event raised $49,000 for this incredible organization. (And my illustrations were all over it- which makes me so happy)

plugged in books.jpg


I’m trying to practice my writing skills- and the best way to do that is to write more and maaaybe find a few additional ways to get myself in the freelance game. This exceptional site posts paid writing gigs, daily. Occasionally you're taken to a dead end Craigslist ad, but if you're looking to get yourself out there and write more, this list is well worth a regular visit. [Wouldn't it be fun to write for sites like Brit and Co, The Everygirl, Being Boss or Create + Cultivate?]


I love Lemonade, you guys. But let’s just talk about Solange for a minute. Because if you haven’t listened to "A Seat at the Table" on repeat, you’re totally missing out. 

Bellweather Rhapsody
By Kate Racculia

Found through the “try something different” collection on Overdrive, this murder mystery was a nice little book to escape into. If you’re a classical music lover the descriptions of orchestral music in this book will make your heart sing. A story about twins called Alice and Rabbit, this book was a bit dark, with flowery descriptions that brought the aging Bellweather Hotel, and the characters occupying it, to life in such a lovely way. And I'm happy to say I'm well on my way to reading more books this year. Finally.

Pullman Bar and Diner

We spent some unexpected time in Iowa City this month, which wasn't for fun, but it did give us a few opportunities to eat at one of our very favorite spots: The Pullman. Anything on the menu is a hit, but I recommend the fried chicken or the cheeseburger. (And if you're lucky enough to snag a bar seat at brunch, get the egg sandwich.) The nicest staff, the most chill place, the tastiest food. 

I wish we’d have taken before and after photos of this incredible product. I might talk with my hands a little too much, especially when on my second (or third) glass of wine at a party. I might have gestured a bit too boldly and spilled some serious wine on my shirt and my husband’s (favorite) sweatshirt. After a few minutes of panic, the party hostess handed me this tiny spray bottle filled with miracles. They were right- easy as 1, 2, 3. And like magic, his WHITE sweatshirt looked like new. A must have for anyone who is a hand-talker who loves the red, red wine. 

What did you love in March?