Show Your Work: "You Rock" Chair

In the past couple years I've had the privilege to draw on all kinds of things other than paper.

A wall. A few free little libraries. A bowling pin. A crossfit box that is owned by the Carrie Underwood. And for the Young Women's Resource Center [YWRC] here in Des Moines, 2 chairs for their signature fundraiser: Sit on It. 

The YWRC has a goal of helping girls and young women 'become strong, self-confident and successful." [An amazing goal, am I right?] "The Young Women’s Resource Center utilizes education and support to create a safe environment for girls and young women where they experience acceptance, compassion, knowledge and commitment."

Last year the crew at YWRC picked up these blank-slate Adirondack chairs for local artists to jazz up with their style. From there, the chairs went up for auction at their Sit on It fundraiser. I went full sharpie on the chair. I took inspiration from our sweet city and things that make a backyard in summertime the very best place to be. [Side note: the auction hosts work with BidPal, a service that let me track the bids on my chair or place a bid from afar, even though I couldn't attend the event.]

This year Sit on It returns, and so does the XO-LP chair project.

We were tasked with updating some thrifted beauties. I chose to work with this lil rocking chair- and took the opportunity to bring some wordplay to life. Rocks on a Rocking Chair. Yes!!

I spray painted the little wooden wonder with several coats of pink paint [Pro tip: Spray paint is always cheaper at the hardware store than at the craft store.] I taped off a few spots to let a bit of that worn wood show through on the final project.

Next up: sticker backed mirror paper. Where do you find such a thing in giant poster sized sheets? Obviously in your childhood home's basement. My dad handed me a stack of this stuff last time I was home visiting my paper-loving parents. I snipped the reflective paper into gem shapes and got to work. [and tracked the progress on my Instagram Stories.]

From there I took a paint pen [I used this one] to the now pink surface and filled in with pearls and emeralds and all the diamond rocks.

I think I'll call her "You Rock."

My favorite part about the finished rocker is the way the light hits that shimmery paper and glows. A couple coats of spray poly and this gem is ready to hit the auction block. 

This sweet gem-covered chair will be up for auction with others made by artists here in Des Moines. If you're in the area, join the fun on April 22nd at the Young Women's Resource Center's Sit on It event. [If you're not, check out the BidPal link to see how you can bid from your hometown or make a donation to a super worthy cause.]