XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

Phoenix is pure poetry.

Dear 27,
Tonight was the big PHOENIX show at People's. In order to lure my friends Brianne and Karen and Joe from their plans to hit a bar in Ankeny, I submitted this poem of my evening plan.

The notes and pictures are a bonus that were added after my night of awesome.

Phoenix Poetry Part Two
tonight's French band hits the stage
At a much smaller venue,
I have a couple drinks to attend to.

As fellow concert goers
And dare I say friends,
I thought an offer to join I'd extend.

In honor of Phoenix
And AZ's new and pretty ridiculous new law
I plan to start the evening with tequila and a straw.

Why not have tacos before
Seeing a band rock the house-a,
Because indie is better with a side o salsa.

We went to El Patio for the first Phoenix phest stop. Brianne and Joe rode their bikes which needed to be noted here because it impressed me. We sat outside on El Patio's secret garden patio, sweating and recounting our Tuesdays (family dinner style) and celebrating Phoenix (both the hot city of AZ and the band. Because who doesn't love tacos?)

Because they are Franks,
Not German or Anglo,
After a taco there should be a drink at Django.

We made it to Django, but just barely in time for a French Beer at the "all French no attitude" restaurant. Here we ran into a bunch of friends and concert goers (a couple of which received my poetic masterpiece) and cheers-ed once again to the band hailing from France. And then we ran off to dance.

Let's convene around 6:00
To share laughs over a glass,
Then finish with Phoenix and dance off my ass.

So while my ass is still intact-- Phoenix rocked. Big time.

It's okay to be impressed by my poem.
And here's some bonus music for this week-- my own week of rock.