XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

One hot show.

Dear 27,
When I say hot show, I mean it. I mean it was pretty hot in there and that the music itself was h-o-t. I sweated off all the additional freckles I picked up at the pool on Saturday. It was hot. Hotter than the sauna at the Eagle's Ozark house. Hotter than the leather seats of the Focus mid-July. Hotter than Justin Bieber's memoir will be. Hotter than...well I think you get what I mean.
After bumping into many soaked Raygun tshirt clad dudes, holding handfuls of ice on the back of my neck and a few tall boys, the Val Air (there was no air to be clear) was surely rockin to the BLACK KEYS.
After a couple bummer shows this summer it was fun to see a band play with such energy and be fully committed to their music. The Black Keys are a duo, only two guys on stage (sweating with the rest of us), but the sound was big, really big.
Des Moines is bringing some top notch acts. Phoenix tomorrow night. Tennis next week. Looking forward to an August that sings.

And now for the pick six. To be played loudly. And with feeling.