XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

Travelin' North.

Dear 27,
It's about time I felt the sting of an ill-placed sunburn. The splotches of red, or spots were sunscreen was applied in a sloppy distracted way, across my left shin are a sure sign it's summer.
I ventured North (I sang this in my head...or a little out loud...while typing this post) to Ames today (Hello Mr. and Mrs. Cardoza) to catch up with the newly married duo by the pool. I exponentially increased my freckle count, appeared to be wearing a saggy adult diaper (that's a story for an offline conversation), got up to speed on married life from the Mrs. and soaked up an all around great day.
Post-pool we explored downtown LAmes. (I can't help it. Old college habit. Your cupcakes were good but my city is better. Go Hawks.)
Vanilla and Strawberry Kiwi cupcakes from Yummy's in Downtown Ames.
After a rough day of pool chairing and sunscreen applying I certainly enjoyed both getting my pic taken and the strawberry kiwi cupcake. Yummy's was stocked with lil cakes, a 1950's teal refrigerator filled with bottled sodas, and a darling owner decked in 50's wear.
We made a quick stop at Olde Main Brewery for a seasonal Lemontyme Ale. (It was a bit sweeter version of my favorite summertime beer- Summer Shandy) I'd had Olde Main brews at 80/35 and even picked up some at Dahl's...but never had I been to the actual spot. Very cool.

After putting together a few birthday candle cuffs for the very special Stacie and Becca, hitting the happy birthday festivities and wishing for a second Yummy cupcake...Off to aloe.